Valley Transcription Service


Our highly qualified staff is diligent about Quality Assurance (QA), using multiple levels to ensure overall accuracy.

Industry Acceptance

Our web based software package is used by over 2,000 medical facilities, ranging from large
universities to two-doctor medical groups.


State of the art, 128-bit encryption is used throughout our system. Whether you are transferring
dictations or processing transcriptions, you can be assured that Valley Transcription Service meets
all HIPAA and HCFA regulations. User access to system content can be allocated based on clinician,
location, and work type, customized to your particular workflow and needs.

U.S. Only Transcription

All transcription is performed within the United States by experienced medical transcriptionists,
ensuring that U.S. privacy laws are enforced throughout.

Online Accessibility from any computer

Valley Transcription Service provides instantaneous, 24/7/365 access to all transcriptions to any
authorized user. We never delete any transcriptions as long as you are one of our clients.


We are committed to providing quality products and responsive service to our clients at no additional charge.
The Implementation Team ensures a seamless transition to our platform. The Interface Team is well versed in the
current healthcare interfacing standards. The Support/Help Desk Team is available for questions and guidance
7AM to 7PM CST Monday through Friday. The mission is to provide a live help desk team member to each call and
solve issues as quickly as possible. All servers and applications are monitored 365 days a year, 24 hours per day.